Çamlıca Girls’ High School, Ahmet Ratip Paşa Kiosk


The existing state of the structure was determined through photographs and its relief drawings were prepared.

Kızlarağası Inn, İzmir


Relief drawings and restoration project were prepared for the 17th-century Kızlarağası Inn, which is situated in Konak Kemeraltı next to the Hisar Mosque.

Sultanahmet, Relief Drawings of Feyhaman Duran Residence


Relief drawings and survey dossier of Feyhmanan Duran Residence, which is a historical building owned by İstanbul University, were prepared by TAÇ Foundation.

Peterson Kiosk Restoration Project, İzmir


Following the negotiations with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, it was agreed that projects for planning and creating open and closed exhibition spaces in the kiosk were handled together with renovation, the application of which was coordinated by TAÇ Foundation.

Renewal of İstanbul City Walls and Ditches and Urban Landscape Planning


Within the framework of the comprehensive project initiated by the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality to restore and arrange the city walls and ditches between Yedikule and Aksaray, TAÇ Foundation worked in cooperation with expert groups including professors from the Urban Planning, Photogrametry and Construction Chair as well as Restoration Chair of İstanbul Technical University.