Taç Vakfı Conversations

2008 - 2009

As part of the “Chat Sessions at Homes” launched by TAÇ Foundation in order to raise support for its renovation and restoration work as an effort to revive an intellectual tradition from half a century before, sessions were held where historians, musicians, literati, art historians, and archaeologists gathered.


“Our Future Entrusted to the Youth” Essay Contest


Created as a partnership between TAÇ Foundation and the Ministry of National Education with the support of UNESCO, the “Our Natural and Cultural Assets Entrusted to the Youth” essay contest was held on March-May 2008. A total of 587 essays entered from 51 provinces under the theme “Why does the monument/natural area in my vicinity affect me and how should I protect it?” was evaluated by the members of the jury and an award ceremony was held at Pera Museum with the participation of 10 winning students.

Art History Seminars

2007 - 2009

Chaired by Prof. Dr. Gül İrepoğlu, the seminar series held under the themes Topkapı Palace, the Bosphorus, Joy of İstanbul, Architecture of Old İstanbul and the İstanbul Life in the Past with a view to both raising awareness on being an İstanbulite and supporting the renovation and restoration projects of the foundation with the contributions of TÜRSAB and Pera Museum at the Pera Museum Auditorium from 2007 to 2009.

Cultural Tours

2007 - 2008

As part of the cultural tours held as a partnership between TAÇ Foundation and TRANS ORIENT Tourism, the architectural structures of the Bosphorus and dining culture of the Bosphorus were presented to İstanbulites as a cultural event.

Tophane, Fountain of Mahmud I


Situated on the Tophane Square,the fountain was commissioned in 1732 by Sutan Mahmut I. Also known as the Fountain of Mahmut I Han, it is the third largest fountain in İstanbul.