Building Systems and Elements in Traditional Turkish Architecture I-II

Hüsrev Tayla


TL 400.00

The book addresses the building types, periods, and styles in the traditional Turkish architecture, mainly focusing on building materials such as stone, soil, metal and wood as well as their local features. In addition to these materials that constitute the basis of load bearing and coating systems, a subchapter is also provided on binding materials and mortars, which have determined the real development of architecture. Two volumes. Available in Turkish. 920 pages.

İzzet Gündağ Kayaoğlu Memorial Book

Ed. Prof. Dr. Oktay Belli, Dr. Yücel Dağlı


TL 200.00

This two-volume book has been published in memory of folklore researcher, publisher and the Honorary Member of TAÇ Foundation, İzzet Gündağ Kayaoğlu, who passed away on 8 May 2003. The first volume, or the Memoirs, consists of 47 articles written by his close friends, loved ones and colleagues. The second volume consists of 48 academic articles on a variety of disciplines. Available in Turkish.

Beyoğlu from Past to Present I-II


Hardcover: TL 450.00

The book features 52 articles on the various aspects such as the history, administrative structure, architecture, and economic, social, and cultural life of Beyoğlu district, which has a rich cultural and historical background. Available in Turkish. 920 pages. 

Memorial Book for The 25th Anniversary of The TAÇ Foundation Natural and Cultural Heritage of Turkey Under Risk

Ed. Prof. Dr. Haluk Sezgin


TL 50.00

Published to mark the 25th Anniversary of TAÇ Foundation, the book contains 43 articles on natural assets, historic towns, buildings, archaeology, and conservation legislation. In general, articles point out to the issues related to the “Natural and Cultural Heritage of Turkey Under Risk” and suggest solutions. Available in Turkish. 380 pages. 

Contemporary Marketing in Museums

Canan Demir


TL 50.00

An extended version of Canan Demir’s postgraduate thesis on contemporary marketing in museums, the book is comprised of three main chapters including: The concept of museum and its historical development, marketing in museums, visitor profile and satisfaction survey. Available in Turkish. 112 pages.

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