Sait Karabulut
Substitute Member

He was born in 1963 in Yozgat. He graduated from İstanbul University Faculty of Law in 1987. He received his MA from the Legal Structure of the European Community Department of İstanbul University Institute of Social Sciences in 1988. He currently works as an independent lawyer at the Hukuk Araştırmaları law firm, focusing on legal areas such as, Zoning Law, Criminal Law, Commerce and Economics Law, Corporate Law, Banking and Finance Law, Competition Law, Contract Law, Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, Shipping Law, Labor & Social Security Law, and Enforcement & Bankruptcy Law. Having published studies on the Union of Historical Towns, Development and Town Planning, European Union Law, Conservation and Renewal Areas and Area Management, Karabulut is currently a consultant at Historical Studies Foundation and a member of the İstanbul Board of Directorate of Cultural and Natural Heritage Conservation No. II.