Oktay Özel

He was born in 1987 in Konya. In 2010, he completed his undergraduate education at Istanbul Technical University, Department of Civil Engineering. He also participated in earthquake studies at the same university. In 2007, he participated in the student exchange program at the University of Leibnez Hannover. After working in the private sector as an Earthquake Design Engineer for a while, he started to work in the General Directorate of Foundations, Istanbul 1st Regional Directorate, Art Works and Construction Affairs Branch Directorate in 2011. He worked as a Control Engineer in many restoration works, and managed the preparation processes of the survey, restitution, restoration and strengthening projects for the cultural assets. He has studies and articles on restoration processes of cultural properties and earthquake strengthening of cultural property structures. He started to work at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Cultural Heritage Department in 2019, and then was first appointed as the Director of the Cultural Heritage Projects Branch in 2020, and then he was brought to the Department of Cultural Assets as Director, which he still carries on.